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What are you eating for dinner tonight? Five reasons to plan your weekly food intake

Zoe Nicholson

1. It will save you money

  • A weekly shop for at least 5 dinners, breakfast items and lunches can cost between $60-90 per person.
  • Buying lunch daily can cost around $60 per week, that’s almost $3000 a year!
  • Several smaller trips to the supermarket at $20-30 per shop can add up to over $100 due to buying extra foods on spur of moment or more expensive ready to eat meals.
  • For example, a ready to cook pasta and sauce can cost $10 whereas cooking from scratch can be less than $5.

About me

I understand that it can be difficult to find time and maintain our health and fitness. If you’re finding it difficult to fit your workouts into your schedule, I’m here to help and make your fitness journey stress free.
I cater for all fitness levels and I will help you achieve the results you seek.
“to keep the body in good health is duty..otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear