About me

Leading a healthy lifestyle has become a passion of mine and strength training is definitely an obsession.

I have been training for years and I can say that when I am training, I am in my happy place.

I love fitness and all the glory that comes with it. Strength and HIIT training is what I mostly do throughout each week but I am always looking for ways to improve my fitness levels and positively shock my body by trying new training styles. I like to keep my body guessing.

I always tend to look at all the positives in life and aspire to motivate others the way that I've motivated myself. Putting your foot through the door is the start - Motivating and guiding you to achieve all of your fitness and health goals is where I come in!

Contact me any time to get started!


  • Functional Training
  • Group Training
  • Interval Training
  • Muscle Gain
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss and Toning


Image source: The Inquisitr

Health, Happiness & Prosperity at 75

Lifestyle Trainers

Meet Ernestine Shepherd, the oldest female competitive bodybuilder in the world. She began weight lifting at the ripe age of 71 and hasn't looked back since. Her regime includes 10 mile runs every morning (if you can call 2.30am morning!) push-ups, weights and a very healthy, high protein diet.

Ernestine also coaches other people on how to achieve health, happiness and prosperity in their lives, which shows it's never too late. Watch her interview on The Inquisitr and get inspired!