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Leading a healthy lifestyle has become a passion of mine and strength training is definitely an obsession.

I have been training for years and I can say that when I am training, I am in my happy place.

I love fitness and all the glory that comes with it. Strength and HIIT training is what I mostly do throughout each week but I am always looking for ways to improve my fitness levels and positively shock my body by trying new training styles. I like to keep my body guessing.

I always tend to look at all the positives in life and aspire to motivate others the way that I've motivated myself. Putting your foot through the door is the start - Motivating and guiding you to achieve all of your fitness and health goals is where I come in!

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90kg one arm kettlebell jerk record

Emily Friedel

In April this year, Pavlos Georgiardis set a new record for super heavy kettlebell lifting. Pavlos mananged an astonishing 10 one arm jerks with a 90kg kettlebell, beating the previous known record by 3 reps.

There are a few things that make this record even more impressive than it first appears. First, Pavlos doesn’t train specifically for heavy kettlebell lifting, he trains for traditional kettlebell sport (so for jerks that’s with 2×32kg bells).

In the days leading up to this effort, he had done max sets of jerks (10 mins with 32s) and snatches (again 10 mins with a 32kg) so he was far from fresh.

Pavlos didn’t wear any wrist protection (just having 90kg resting against your wrist would be extremely uncomfortable), nor did he wear lifting shoes (he was wearing an old pair of sneakers with holes in them).

This record really does represent the true spirit of kettlebell training – nothing fancy is required, just good technique, hard work and a lot of balls.