About me

Hi my name is Thomas
My passion for weight training started when i was in high school, I starting off my physical journey in my home garage.
Now i want to share my knowledge with others to help them achieve their fitness goals.


  • Body Building
  • Body Toning
  • Body Transformation
  • Muscle Gain
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Weight Loss



  • Hi my name is Jaye Ligeris and i have been training under Tom Rich's Strength program
    I have always found him to be a very motivating individual that always prioritised my needs and gets the best out of me even on days that i feel a bit flat.
    I have found that Thomas is very passionate about the fitness industry and his enthusiasm and professionalism reflects the high calibre personal trainer he is.

    Jaye Ligeris, Client


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Body composition tracking - more than just % body fat!

Andrew Garlick

Body composition is one of the most effective markers of health status and training & nutrition effectiveness. Our body makeup is reflective of our lifestyle and is largely manipulated by our training status and nutrition. There are inherent health risks associated with excessive body fat levels (as well as extremely low body fat long term) which we are all bombarded with in the media.

One concept not well understood by the general public is that we can tell a lot about how effective a training plan is by the changes in not only their fat, but their muscle. A strength or power athlete will most likely be trying to increase their muscle mass which may be more important to them than monitoring fat changes alone. If someone is ‘overtraining’ we may see a reduction in lean muscle mass, which needs to be addressed or else will lead to excessive fatigue and ‘going backwards’ in the gym, and greater chance of injury and illness.

In my opinion, the most hazardous concept revolving around Body composition measurement and monitoring is our overemphasis on ‘percentage body fat’. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very important measurement, and can give health professionals, athletes and gym clients alike, great feedback on health status and training effectiveness.

To consider the full picture of what Body composition and anthropometry (body measurements) can offer us in tracking our own progress and that of our athletes and clients we need to look at a fuller picture of what this area of study involves.