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The addiction of success

Cameron Rowe

As an instructor I often have white belts asking me what they should focus on when developing their game. My answer to this is learn as much as you can....but in a specific way.

Often I see students get very good at particular techniques and positions, but be very weak from other positions. i.e. A student may have a very strong guard and be able to submit very well from there, but if they were to get onto mount, they would find themselves to be very weak in this position and unable to maintain the mount position. The number of times I’ve heard someone say, "oh I’m not very good on the mount" amazes me.

And why is this? Because we have a tendency to use what we are good at and stick with it. We get the positive result we want and find it hard to give up that skill and advantage for other not so appealing positions. Our ego can have a tough time giving up what is comfortable for us, to then try something that will be challenging and more than likely have us losing.