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About me

Hi, I see you have looked to check out if i'm worthy of your choice. Come have a read at my bio/page and see why together we can reach your goals.

I have been training in sports since the age of 4. Rugby Union/Rugby League, athletics and swimming have been my forte growing up. It wouldn't be a surprise to see i love to do High Performance type training. These range from Plyometrics, Strength, Interval, Agility and Sports specific.

As you would already know my name is Tama. What you wouldn't know is I LOVE pushing you past your limits. With the types of training I specialise in, We can make a Stronger, Faster and Fitter YOU!. So come, let me guide you into the unknown and find something you have always dreamed of achieving.


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You are so lucky

Daniel Crisp

I thought the best way to start my blog for Lifestyle Trainers was to write a log of my thoughts as well as list the events that went into my first week transitioning from rehearsals in Australia to performing 6 shows a week in Berlin.

Being called “lucky” is something I am used to, and I hate it. 

 “You’re so lucky you are moving to Berlin”, 
  “You’re so lucky you get to do circus for a living”, 
   “You’re so lucky you get to travel so much”.



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