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Health information resource - HealthInsite

Lifestyle Trainers

HealthInsite is a Federal Government initiative that provides up to date and reliable information on a variety of health matters:

In line with the Australian Government’s strategy of delivering services via the Internet by 2001, HealthInsite was conceived to bridge the gap between the increasing potential for consumers to access health information via the Internet, and the absence of quality control of web information.

HealthInsite allows health information to be provided to all Australians either directly or through health professionals and service providers. It is a single entry point to quality information from leading health information providers, including peak health organisations, government agencies and educational and research institutions.

About me

My name is Teagan Bryan and I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers and registered with Fitness Australia.

I work along side my clients providing constant encouragement and motivation and design a tailored program in order for them to achieve their fitness goals.

If you are looking to lose weight, become fitter, stronger or toned contact me today.

Phone: 0403 501 703