About me

My name is Tara and I'm one of the personal trainers at Genesis Fitness Byford.

Health and fitness has always been a huge player in my life. Having trained in martial arts since the age of 6 and competing at state/national and international level I have a have strong will and determination to succeed!
Fitness is home for me, whether it be lacing up my runners and hitting the pavement or putting on my Karate suit (Gi), I have always found my comfort place here.

Getting the most out of your workout/training is EXTREMELY important. I understand time constraints as a mum with 2 very busy little guys, time and energy is paramount!! No time is wasted in our workouts!

My biggest passions are helping our future Defence force prepare for an amazing journey ahead and Women and children's self defence.
Knowing how to defend yourself is a life skill!!

If you looking for that motivational starter or someone to kick you in the right direction, give me a shout and we can chat about what you need and how I can help.



  • Boxing
  • Circuit Training
  • Core Strength
  • Pre/Post Natal
  • Weight Loss and Toning


Image source: Ms. Phoenix

Does Colour Heal? How body and brain respond to colour and the natural therapies that have known it all along.

Elise Watts

How do you feel when you see the colours red, or yellow or blue? You are likely to report a different response to each colour, even at a physical level. Colour has been used for years for healing by many cultures, including ancient Egypt, Babylonia and China. Experiments have been done to show that colour frequencies may emit different heats and stimulate healing in different cells in your body. In 1890, Noble Prize winner, Dr. Neils Finsen, used infrared light to heal skin lesions from small pox.

Modern medicine utilizes coloured lasers and phototherapy in the treatment of conditions as diverse as psoriasis, diabetic eye disease, to heart re-vascularisation and seasonal defective disorder., so science is now beginning to verify the healing impact that colour and light have on us. This all sounds wonderful, but you may be asking yourself, how it is possible that even thinking about colour could be healing you.


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