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Be mean but keep it clean

Cameron Rowe

In preparing for the ADCC world championships I had the opportunity of traveling to Las Vegas to train with 6 time World Champion, Robert Drysdale. It was a fantastic experience to train with someone of this calibre. I wasn’t the only one that was aware of Robert’s unique ability to be able to instruct, coach and compete at the top level.

If you are a serious MMA fighter based in Las Vegas, you train your Jiu Jitsu at Robert’s academy. So it wasn’t unusual to have the likes of Martin Kampfman, Evan Dunham, and Forrest Griffin and many more on the mat. These guys are serious competitors making a living from what they do, so that being the case, every training session is highly competitive and focussed.

If you ever have the opportunity to train with Robert, you will quickly become aware of one thing, he rolls for the win....every time. Since the head coach sets the culture, his students are no different. Each and every partner I trained with had the same mentality.