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Dealing with the unforeseen, that is, injuries - part 2

Daniel Crisp

Continued from part 1...

Daily, I had been stressing about performing particular tumbles, or about executing certain skills. That had instantly been replaced by not being able to perform at all, and now I was stressing about the inability to take off my own shirt, clean my teeth or sleep on my side. It really made me realise just how fantastic life really is, or had been.

What had become one of the greatest unassuming weeks ever, had quickly turned into one of the greatest, life ridiculing, and almighty metaphorical kick in the nuts. Ever.


YouTube videos

  • Arthurs is a 47 year old disabled veteran and For 15 years doctors told Arthur he would NEVER walk unassisted again.Injured as a paratrooper in the Gulf War as the many jumps had taken its toll on his knees.At first he took it in and accepted it and "basically gave up".could not walk or run.Arthur had seen that his life was too short to live the same way and that he had to make a change for the better.Arthur lost 100 pounds in 6 months and incredibly began to walk the road of success and to run and prove that nothing is impossible.

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