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Does it matter whether you win or lose in sport?

Shane Heal

I started playing basketball and football from the time I was 5 years old. I was very lucky to have my dad as my coach and mentor in my junior years. He taught me to always have a go and do my best. He also taught me to aim high, to dream and set goals and work as hard as I could to achieve my goals. He helped me through the times I failed and encouraged me to continue to compete and never let anyone tell me I couldn’t achieve. I was told many times from others as a kid that I couldn’t achieve the goals and dreams that I had and that my height would always hinder me from representing our country. I lost my dad in a work accident when I was 13 years old and whilst this rocked my world for at least the next decade, I look back now and realise I was the luckiest kid in the world to have 13 years with someone that could teach, encourage, support and love me so much.


YouTube videos

  • Arthurs is a 47 year old disabled veteran and For 15 years doctors told Arthur he would NEVER walk unassisted again.Injured as a paratrooper in the Gulf War as the many jumps had taken its toll on his knees.At first he took it in and accepted it and "basically gave up".could not walk or run.Arthur had seen that his life was too short to live the same way and that he had to make a change for the better.Arthur lost 100 pounds in 6 months and incredibly began to walk the road of success and to run and prove that nothing is impossible.

About me

Passionate about Fitness, sports, living healthy and helping people in achieving their goals. I've played Rugby all my life, against teams from around Australia to South Africa. Always on time with a plan of attack tailored to your needs with Nutrition tips, programs ,services and the right technique. If you 're looking for fun and exciting new ways to get the results you deserve, contact me so we can get started!