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  • I joined MBSC Thrive 2 months ago with personal goals set with the Thrive Staff, and started doing 2 sessions per week. To date I have lost 5kg's and cut 3 shots off my golf handicap, and my fitness and core strength improvements are key factors on the road to my overall goals. The instructions, advice and motivation from all the staff is fantastic, you couldn't possibly ask for anything more. A special thank you to Bec for all your support and encouragement over the past 2 months. I am looking forward to achieving my long term goals with such a great team. Thanks again guys!

    Rodney Stevens, MBSC Thrive Adult Performance Client

  • Great programming, relavent to my specific sport developing explosive power. Mixed mobility warmups to gain movement and reduce injury. Coach has excellent knowledge of body mechanics and activation for movement patterns during lifts and sport specific movements. Sessions were varied and always interesting, I learned a lot with regard to my own movement, improved my on field performance, reduced injury (and helped overcome one injury), and came out stronger and faster.

    Jonas Curic-Roth, MBSC Thrive Sports Performance Client

  • I feel stronger and more in control of body movements, I can apply force easier, I'm fitter, faster, more stable on the field, and have less injuries since I started training. My previous injuries feel more stable. The trainers are positive and challenging, and the environment is very positive.

    Dean Joans, MBSC Thrive Sports Performance Program

  • Great program. I only came for 3 sessions, but the ones I made were super detailed and intricate. For a guy with no form or training I was taught the right technique and felt super safe while doing so. Each session was full of variety and every person was pushed within their limits.So very happy with everything and I feel I have left these sessions with a whole lot more knowledge. Big thanks!

    Locklan Gilbert, MBSC Thrive Sports Performance Program


Why You Should Train on One Leg

Stuart Thomas

In short, the answer is a concept called Bilateral Deficit (BLD).

What is Bilateral Deficit? It is the fact that you can’t produce as much force when using two limbs at the same time as you could if you used each limb separately and then added the force produced together. For example, if your maximum leg extension on your left leg is 45kg, and your right is 45kg, your maximum leg extension bilaterally (using both legs) would be less than 90kg. Simply put, we are stronger (relatively) on 1 leg than we are on 2. Now that you have an idea on what BLD is, here are a few reasons why you should incorporate it into your training.




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I have been working in the fitness industry since 2012, and in 2014 completed my Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science) from Edith Cowan University. I joined Genesis Bentley in 2014 and have been an MBSC Thrive Coach here for since August 2015. My passion for fitness is to help people to do the things that they love to do, and that goes hand in hand with the Thrive motto of "Move, Look, and Feel Better". So if you're coming back from an injury and looking to return to physical activity, wanting to improve your movement quality or performance, or you just want to get bigger, stronger and faster, come down to the gym or give me call.