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6 Principles of Physical Fitness

Ritchie Gibson

Throughout the physical training industry there are many myths, misconceptions, theories and principles on different styles of fitness training. This particular article will concentrate more so on the 6 major principles that govern physical fitness. 

First of all lets define physical fitness and physical activity. This is where individuals can carry out the demands and rigors of daily life effectively without being over fatigued, but still able to have enough energy stores leftover for sporting and recreational activities.


About me

I’m Steph and I’m a personal trainer at Genesis Berwick.

Fitness and wellbeing are really important to me. I’ve been athletic and into sport my whole life but really found something I love in hitting the weights at the gym. This is something I hope to share with my clients and get them to love coming to the gym as much as I do.

The people I train get dynamic and intense workouts with me and we do everything from free-weights to bodyweight training and functional exercises to get them working hard and feeling the benefits of exercise. I also give all my clients nutrition tips and great recipes to keep them motivated and help them achieve their fitness goals.

Contact me on 0439 824 859 or ring Genesis Berwick and let’s get started!