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More than sport: Emily Seebohm

Jacob Gough

Emily Seebohm

“I always just go out and do the best I can.”

16-year-old Emily Seebohm, the youngest ever Order of Australia medal recipient, possesses the perfect blend of fun and professionalism. She holds 14 Australian Age swimming titles, was the first Australian woman to go under 1:00 in 100m backstroke and won Olympic gold at Bejing in the 4x100m medley relay. At the World Championships in 2007, Emily also won gold as a member of the 4x100m medley relay as well as coming 4th in the women’s individual 100m backstroke.

Her achievements are phenomenal, yet the aspiring make-up artist still views a session at the pool as just another opportunity to enjoy herself with friends. As she emphasizes in her interview, Emily’s success is proof that if you do what you love, you will go further!

When did you know you wanted to make a career and living out of swimming and that it could become a reality?


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    Jess, Client

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About me

Having been a soccer player, I learnt very young the importance of training, discipline, nutrition and enjoying what you do in order to get a result.

Before becoming a personal trainer, I studied for four years and completed a Bachelor of Education in health and physical education. This is something I believe pointed me in the direction of personal training.

I was lucky enough to grow up around and train with some amazing world class athletes. They have taught me that nothing is handed to you on a platter! If you have a goal, you need a plan, you need to execute the plan, but most importantly… YOU need to WANT the goal.

Having worked in Australia and overseas as a personal trainer, I have enjoyed watching many achieve their goals. This is a very rewarding job that I absolutely love doing!