About me

My name is Sam Merza, I am the Personal Training Manager at Genesis Health Club in Windsor. I have spent the last 10 years or so training, teaching and competing in a variety of martial arts and combat sports. Throughout this time I have gained experience coaching Boxing, Kickboxing, self defence, fitness classes, and several forms of Korean martial arts including Teuk gong Moo Sul (Self Defence forms), Gong Kwon Yusul (Korean Ju Jitsu) and Yeomtasul (police baton training). I have spent some years abroad teaching English as a second language and I love to travel and meet people, all the while pushing my personal development as an exercise professional. I am inspired and extremely motivated to provide the very best range of techniques and exercise movements for my clients. Bringing my skills learnt from all around the world I ensure each and every session is fun, challenging and involves a range of interesting new moves that my clients love. I am here to provide you with that extra step up the ladder to achieving the goals you have always dreamed of.....and once they are done, we can set about making more!!



  • Boxing for Fitness
  • Fat Loss
  • Functional Fitness
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Weight Loss and Toning


Image source: Gavin Llewellyn


Jacqui Louder

As the winter season of many sports begins to take off, it’s a great time to remind ourselves of the values within a team, and being part of a team.There is such a big difference between individual and team pursuits, business or sporting wise, and there is also a big difference within teams when it comes to being a team player.

The old saying of a champion team versus a team of champions is so true when it comes to achieving success. If you individually look at the skills people bring to teams it can sometimes be overwhelming to comprehend how you may combat that as an opposition player.