About me

Hi. My name is Shelley and I'm a Personal Trainer at Genesis Fitness Shellharbour.

My love of health and fitness started at a young age, watching my mum teach aerobics classes (in the leotard and leg warmer days!). Growing up with such a great, healthy role model set me on a good path in life, and one reason I love my job so much is because I can inspire and encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle!

I am a mother to 3 young girls so I understand what it's like to juggle family, work and life commitments. Many of my clients are also mothers who are working hard to lose baby weight or just to get healthier, fitter and stronger so they can chase their kids around.

I specialise in helping ladies transform their bodies through exercise and healthy eating. My areas of expertise include weight training, HIIT (high intensity interval training), training for fat loss, running training, correct of imbalances and mobility.

We will work together as a team to achieve your goals! If it's important you, it is important to me too!



  • Body Transformation
  • Fat Loss
  • Group Training
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Weight Loss and Toning


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More than sport: Jason Culina

Jacob Gough

"There is no substitute for hard work!"

Jason Culina always believed he could make it to the top in soccer. The 28-year-old midfielder from Sydney, who has already played in one World Cup and three World Championships, is about to become the highest-paid footballer in Australia. He is a man more motivated by giving back to his home country, than by money, though. His contract with Dutch team PSV would have paid more and Croatia was also interested in making him an offer. Jason made his decision to come back to Australia to captain Gold Coast United, and has now moved on to the Newcastle Jets to join his father.

His success didn’t come easily and Jason is more than ready to share his story with others looking to embark on a soccer career. His ten years of experience playing football in Europe, along with his ability to overcome disappointments and accept criticism, give Jason a great vantage point to offer advice to any Australian with a dream of their own.

Tell us about how you became involved in soccer, Jason.


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