• “Big shout out to Robyn McArthur who is getting me back in shape after operation. She is an exercise physiologist so uni qualfied with a huge understanding of the body (to make sure i dont hurt myself doing something wrong at gym while taking me through PT sessions). Yesterday i was in so much muscle pain from an impinged nerve – but after she did some pressure pointing and took me through some stretches, today i am a new woman!!! You rock Robyn!!! Anyone looking for some qualified fitness or rehab health help i can’t recommend Robyn enough.”

    Samantha Graham, Client

  • “Robyn was extremely successful in helping me rehabilitate and manage a serious knee injury. Because of her advice and training program I was able to return to work much earlier than expected and I am now back playing sport.”

    James Watt, Client

  • Robyn helped get my knees back in order after many months of not being able to exercise properly without pain.
    Thanks Robyn!

    Charlotte Sangster, Client

  • Robyn has blown me away with how much function and strength my knee has now after her Exercise Physiology sessions and Hydrotherapy sessions. After my second knee operation I lost most of the muscle in my right leg and was pretty down thinking (and being told by doctor) that my knee was pretty much stuffed. But with the help and support of such a great Exercise Physiologist I can now see that I just needed the right help and support to beat what I was being told She even has me eating better and healthier food and I'm feeling great. Thanks Robyn your are the Best

    Scott Mcleanan, Client


  • Functional Fitness
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Pre/Post Natal
  • Rehabilitation
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Weight Loss

About me

Practitioner Robyn McArthur is an ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologist with a bachelor degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology from the Queensland University of Technology. Robyn completed practicums at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital, Rockhampton Sub Acute and Chronic Care Rehabilitation Centre, and QUT Health Clinics. Since graduating with honours, Robyn has been working in her own private practice in Brisbane, as well as servicing rural areas.

Robyn believes that the appropriate application of physical activity can enhance anyone’s life, and she sees exercise as a powerful tool in the treatment and management of various health conditions.

Robyn will commence study for her Doctor of Physiotherapy in May 2018 at Bond University. She is looking forward to advancing her knowledge in an area that will compliment her current qualifications, and enhance her role as a practitioner.

“Exercise is medicine and I am proud to be part of this ever-growing movement, working with our other allied health fields.”

Whether you suffer from an acute injury or illness, or live with a chronic condition, Robyn has the essential knowledge and skills to help you manage pain and improve your quality of life.