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Introducing New Expert - Professional Speaker and Columnist Mark Bunn

Lifestyle Trainers

Meet Mark Bunn former AFL footballer who played six years with Fitzroy (now Brisbane) and Hawthorn in the early 1990s, and he didn't stop there.

After completing an Honours Degree in exercise physiology and then retiring from football at 25, Mark travelled throughout south-east Asia observing the health practices of traditional cultures.

Inspired by the simple wisdoms of the East, Mark completed formal studies in Maharishi Ayurveda, before travelling around Australia for two years with an internationally renowned team of Ayurvedic doctors. He learnt much of the traditional (forgotten) Ayurvedic health wisdom, including the ancient art of 'pulse reading’.

Mark has since studied the world’s healthiest and longest living cultures, and is the author of ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health', and the ‘Healthy People Healthy Business Program’. ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health' is the first in a three book ‘Wisdoms of Health' Series and combines 6000 year-old teachings of Ayurvedic medicine with the timeless secrets of the world’s healthiest, longest living people. It has already been published in seven countries, and been featured in major media in both Australia and India.

Today, Mark writes a natural health column based on the principles of ‘Eastern Wisdom for Modern Health’, and speaks to up to 10,000 people a year throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, about health, motivation, work-life balance and personal performance. His clients include leading corporations, business associations, schools, and health professional groups.

Mark supports the beyondblue national depression initiative, and currently lives in Sydney with his wife Karen and his former dog Felix. (Felix disowned him after Mark accidentally left him out in the rain one night!)