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Give your swing some spring: pilates & yoga for tennis, golf and cricket

Elise Watts

The most common misconception about professional athletes is that they are the embodiment of physical perfection. To be a professional athlete you must be physically very fit. Yet, for an athlete to be at the top of their game, they must train their body out of its natural equilibrium to cater for the demands of the sport. They practice a movement until they become unnaturally good at it. As a former elite gymnast, aerobics athlete and dancer, I understand this very well.

Athletes in ball sports will, over time, create habitual patterns in their body that lead to asymmetry. A golfer might suffer from lower back pain, a tennis player from a frozen shoulder, a cricketer from tendonitis, all for the sake of a better serve or drive. There is no way of escaping compensation as it is necessary for freakishly honed skills, but it can be managed.