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Making Mondays Better

Heidi Thornton

Mondays are getting harder and harder, aren’t they? Peeling yourself out from under the cozy bed covers is starting to feel like a real task. You can blame this ‘start of the week rustiness’ on our cold weather – it practically begs you to stay rugged up in bed for as long as possible.

But on a Monday morning you’re not doing yourself any favours if you linger longer in bed. This behaviour won’t make it Sunday again and it certainly doesn’t make the weekend come again any sooner. The key to making Mondays better is to get up and get outside! Physical activity, people. It will make it all better.


About me

I am a Health and Exercise Coach working from Genesis Health Club on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne's CBD. I enjoy helping people improve how they move and how they look by improving their posture. Through a Health Assessment I can determine your posture and more importantly where I start your training.
If you are interested in learning more about how to improve performance I encourage you to contact me.