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Which life do you choose?

Michelle Gilmore

On a far to regular basis, I hear either one of two things...people commenting on how I always look so fit and healthy (in a tone that implies I must be genetically gifted) OR people complaining about how busy they are, as they cuddle a cup of coffee that seems to be keeping them from falling asleep on their feet.

What I put to you today, is that I made a choice about 10 years ago, to be who I am today...and every single one of you also has that same choice available to you every single day.

There is no reason why you cannot look and feel great too.

Now, did you just have a little voice in your head say, Yeah...BUT....


About me

I am a Health and Exercise Coach working from Genesis Health Club on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne's CBD. I enjoy helping people improve how they move and how they look by improving their posture. Through a Health Assessment I can determine your posture and more importantly where I start your training.
If you are interested in learning more about how to improve performance I encourage you to contact me.