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Contracting, reacting... The physical impact of fear & stress and exercises to overcome emotional breathing patterns

Elise Watts

The examiner was tapping his pen on the desk with somewhat of an impatient air. At any other time, this would have gone unnoticed, yet in this moment of heightened awareness his nuance became petrifyingly loud. He sat in front of me with a stare that appeared to permeate my skin, this flimsy barrier rapidly draining of blood as the silence drew on. I knew the answer but for a split second my memory stalled.

Acutely aware of each passing moment, a mild panic began to rise. “Tell me,” probed the examiner, “what you understand of stress and the central nervous system…” I cleared my throat, “well…” I hesitated, the irony that my experience of stress had jammed my ability to answer the question was not lost. I took a deep breath. Fortunately, at that moment the words came flooding back. I collected myself and began…




  • I began working with Nicci approximately 6 months post exploratory hip surgery.
    My hip joints, surrounding muscles and ligaments have improved in strength as has my general body conditioning in the six months we have worked together.
    I have always found Nicci extremely knowledgeable, considerate and friendly, even when busting my chops, in every session.
    I would recommend Nicci to anyone.

    Dean Jacob, Client

  • Nicci Rossouw is a great personal trainer! When I first met Nicci I was overweight and out of shape. What I wanted to achieve was to loose weight and get stronger. So what Nicci does is she tailors a program to help you achieve your goals. I have trimmed down a lot with a healthy diet and am slowly getting stronger with weight training.
    I am very happy with the results that I have achieved from her advice. What Nicci says works!
    Please do not hesitate to contact me by email if you want any more feedback on my journey at

    John Mander, Client

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I have played competitive squash since I was 15 and I'm passionate about health and fitness. I am a stong believer in a holistic approach to being "the best you" that you can be, incorporating nutrition, exercise and mental well-being into this. Lasting change happens when desire, discipline and dedication come together. I understand that exercise can be tough for some, and the best way to get where you want to be, is with help and support. Let's sit down and map your fitness journey together!