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  • Since having Nathan Pearson as my Personal Trainer i have achieved/noticed many changes within my body such as weightloss, toning & strength. So for anybody who is looking to be pushed hard and get results i would definitely recommend having Nathan as a Personal Trainer and although he does push me hard in my pt sessions he still makes them fun by changing up the sessions each week

    Teneisha Warren, Client

  • I began doing personal training sessions with Nathan beginning of last year, feeling very unfit, unmotivated, overweight, and a niggling shoulder injury. Nathan's positive friendly attitude and sessions tailored to my needs have helped me to build overall strength (especially to support my shoulder), feel so much fitter, and motivated to maintain and build on this fitness. Nathan's style of personal training helps me to push myself whilst at the same time feeling encouraged and positive. Nathan has a friendly, positive and knowledgeable personal trainer to anyone who feels that they might like to begin PT sessions

    Michelle Hughes (age 55), Client

  • Nathan has gone out of his way to help me in these past few months. It has been such a relief to find a personal trainer who understands my fitness goals and is patient and understanding throughout our sessions. I really enjoy the programs that he has set out for me, they are always a happy balance between comfortability and pushing my limits. We are fulfilling the pace that he has set, and the results that im achieving have given me so much pride, encouragement and confidence. I'm so glad that i found a trainer who understands and is patient - not to mention a lot of fun to be around

    Suzanne Patterson, Client


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Why your body does cancer

Dr Anthony Golle

When we hear the word cancer, for the vast majority of people it sparks great fear in our minds. After all - a person dies every 20 seconds with (but not necessarily from) cancer… more on that later.  It is the second biggest killer of Australians only after heart disease. A staggering one in three people that is!  That statistic never ceases to blow my mind. Virtually every person I know or ask is close to someone who has recently died with cancer. It is our mum or dad, sister or brother, spouse or child, our workmate or neighbour.

When I deliver that statistic in the many workshops or health conventions that I present at, I get people to turn to look at the person on their left, then their right. It is either one of them or you that is going to have cancer if you continue to do what everybody else does. Scary stuff hey?! This is not designed to ruin your day.

Does this mean that we are pre destined to die from this insidious chronic disease, so there is nothing to do but wait until our number is up?  The answer to this is a big loud resounding NO! There are hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe that are identifying the causes, risk factors and understanding the process of why and how our bodies do cancer… and remising it for good.


About me

Hey my name is Nathan, i have been in the fitness industry for over a month now really enjoying it. I play basketball and enjoy most sports

Services i offer are:
2 complimentary sessions
One On One Training
Small group training

I really enjoy making my sessions fun and helping people achieve the results they are looking for

So why wait contact me and lets get you started