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  • Congratulations Prue Morgan.. you lost over 10kg and look fantastic. A well deserved 2nd place in a very strong competition. Well done.

  • A big change and a huge Congratulations to Lisa. An amazing effort. We worked hard together and it has paid off. Lisa is an amazing lady.



  • It was with trepidation of a 5am wake up call, a lack of fitness and steep hills suited to mountain goats that kept me in bed on a Sunday morning, until last Sunday!

    I embarked on a new adventure of mountain walking/hiking which did commence at 6am but once out and about was fabulous. It is amazing the amount of people out at this time of the day enjoying the serenity whilst keeping fit and healthy.

    Our group gathered in the car park of JC Slaughter Falls and after some friendly introductions we embarked on our trek. It was well sign posted with the distance to each landmark clearly visible along the way. We encountered a nice paced walk along a well used track, traversed the roadway to Mt. Cootha and then the fun began! We descended a steep track which required concentration and good footing. Some chose to ‘run’ down the track whilst the more cautious took the ‘Ski’ style approach traversing from side to side, just like doing the moguls. We survived and the good news was this way the half way mark, Already!

    Back on a regular track we walked happily, chatting together as new friends and very proud of ourselves having got this far. A short water stop, turnaround and back to where we came from. And yes, this time we had to ascend this steep incline. Slowly and steadily we went and made it in one piece, some a little puffed, some fine. The remainder of the walk was mainly down hill at a nice pace and thoroughly enjoyable.

    Back at the car park there were high 5’s and a few laughs before our cool down stretches and sense of achievement of a morning well spent. Just then the heavens opened and the rain came down but that won’t stop me going out again very soon!


    Carol Millington, Client

  • Reference Nirvana PT

    I first met Nirvana after signing up at Genesis Windsor in February 2014. I had recently moved to Brisbane and not knowing a soul, my first free PT session was with Nirvana. I instantly knew I would continue to have regular training sessions with her. It was her warmth, genuine approach and enthusiasm for her job that I found refreshing. She really cares about each and every individual she trains. She is very focused on helping you achieve your goals and even holds regular running clubs, boxing , circuit and functional HITT sessions .

    As a mother of three children she also understands how to train women and works within your bodies limits, she also pushes you when you need it too!. Her can do attitude to life is inspiring and she will help you reach your fitness goals what ever they maybe.
    I personally have gained significantly in strength and losing some kilos since seeing Nirvana. I have also gained core strength and developed a love for running. I have unfortunately had to move back to Sydney and am devastated that I can not have Nirvana as my trainer. If you are thinking about getting a PT then I can honestly say she is the BEST Trainer and healthy lifestyle coach you will ever have.

    Emma Maly

    Emma Maly,


  • Core Strength
  • Functional Training
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Weight Loss


Image source: Emily Friedel

The Kettlebell Overhead Press - Part 2

Emily Friedel

Start light

When you’ve established your rack position and understand where your overhead lockout should be you can get on with actually doing some overhead pressing.

Starting a new movement with a light weight is of course common sense, however as many people have done some sort of overhead pressing before it’s easy to make assumptions about the kettlebell weight you’ll be able to press.


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  • A short clip showing some of the activities we undertake... getting fit and having fun.

About me

I am passionate about health and fitness and have chosen this career to help others develop a healthy lifestyle.

As a mother of 3 children my aim is to help you develop an exercise program which is obtainable and achieves the desired results.

I do train my clients indoors and provide them with numerous outdoor programs and challenges to give them a goal to achieve.

Keen to take on a run, hike or cycle? I organise numerous events and you would be more than welcome to join me.