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  • After having a baby it has been a tough journey working hard to get my body back, but the progress is amazing


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Have you ever had a vision that was so clear, of how your dream body would look and feel like? You know that some day you'll get the ultimate 6 pack, or nice back with no rolls, but when and how??? For years I struggled with low confidence and self esteem issues because I was overweight and not losing it anytime soon... My habits were atrocious, mid teenage years I began to smoke, drink and binge eat on whatever I craved. Chocolate, mash potatoes for breakfast and constantly had anxiety a d was always sluggish. Anytime I met someone I instantly assumed thejudging me by my weight and body. I managed to join an awesome gym at age 20 and lost a massive 25kg focusing on all those names people called me and that gave .e motivation to train even harder. I'd NEVER be called fat again or chunky. With the help of my trainer I got down to 67kg!!! Best body I'd ever had!!! Compliments flying in from every angle it was hard to stomach at once buy I got use to it being the new me. I now have a 1 yo daughter and thrive off being a fit mum, with finally shedding the last of 30kg after pregnancy!!! Sooo that's NY story, what's yours? How do you want to succeed and how can I help?


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To squat or not - using a hip dominant action for kettlebell swings

Emily Friedel

There are basically two ways you can swing while maintaining a neutral spine position (which is of course vital for safety): using a knee dominant (squatting type) action or a hip dominant (Romanian deadlift type) action.

The hip dominant swing is preferable if you are aiming to target the posterior chain. It is also a far more efficient swing.  Efficiency of movement will translate directly to the load that is able to be moved in terms of a single repetition or over the course of a set or training session.  Take Olympic lifting, any power leaks (for example any deviation of the bar path from vertical) in a lift will result in reduced efficiency of the movement, which results in a reduced capacity to move a heavy weight.  At the other end of the spectrum, an inefficient running gait in a distance runner will result in premature fatigue and reduced pace.  So whatever your goals, efficiency is paramount.


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