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  • Before training with Quality Bodies Before training with Quality Bodies
    After training with Quality Bodies After training with Quality Bodies

    WEIGHT LOSS!! Jess has changed her lifestyle drastically! Her efforts really show!!

  • Before QB Before QB
    During QB During QB

    MUSCLE GAIN!! Michael's confidence has increased dramatically! He enjoys a well balanced lifestyle whilst enjoying life's pleasures also!

  • Before QB Before QB
    After QB After QB

    HEALTHY LIVING!! Alana has proved that age is not a boundary or excuse! She has never felt better!

  • Before QB Before QB
    After QB After QB

    WEIGHT LOSS!! Helen can really feel the difference with living a healthier more active lifestyle!

  • Before QB Before QB
    After QB After QB

    WELLBEING!! Marj is an inspiration! Now living healthier than ever! Health must be a priority!

  • Before QB Before QB
    After QB After QB

    POST NATAL!! Naomi has two beautiful daughters, and now, A Quality Body :p

  • Before QB Before QB
    After QB After QB

    TONING!! Tim trained very well and consistently! Even with uni parties :p


  • I needed some help to take me to the next level. I'd been training hard on my own (mostly) for years. I could see by how busy Matt is that he just might be the one to help me change it up a bit and push harder. I already loved what i do but he has shown me that numbers just don't matter.... eat healthy, train hard and above all enjoy life. I've gained a great trainer. One i can laugh with and one who sees through BS.

    Michelle Casey, Client

  • At 52 I had a lot of apprehensions about returning to a regular gym routine after 15+ years of doing pretty much no physical exercise, but your encouragement and support has made it easy and enjoyable. I cannot thank you enough and I highly recommend Quality Bodies as personal trainers. The QB motto is very apt - "putting quality back in your life" - they have done that for me :)

    Shannon Williams, Client

  • Very professional yet also a friend, Matt has taught me so much. Strangely enough Matt has made doing a workout fun and enjoyable. He understood my physical limits and worked with me to help me work with them. Thank you very much Matt.

    Janelle Donnelly, Client

  • Matt is excellent trainer and his knowledge is amazing. Matt as helped me with my mental health problem and helped me become more positive towards how important good dietary and excersing is not only good for your body but also your way of thinking.

    Nicole Harvey, Client

  • Matt is very professional and amazing at what he does, higly recommended for anyone that is looking for personal training!

    Bridie Mac Gregor, Client

  • Amazing!!!! I did a postnatal program with Quality Bodies after my last two pregnancies to help me build muscle back up after my children completely destroyed my body (you know what i'm talking about mummys!!) BEST THING EVER!

    Not only did I lose my baby weight, gain muscle and tone my body, I also noticed the positive emotional changes I went through. My head was clearer and "the cup" was always half full again. I had loads more energy to run after my toddlers and the exercise helped me sleep better so if the baby woke during the night I wasn't walking into walls trying to find his room!

    We no longer live in Townsville but even so I still get the inspirational messages from Matt to keep it up and get out there and exercise, or just to check how i'm going in general. You can't beat customer service like that!

    Genesis is about to open up where we live now and i'm sure Matt will be checking up on me to make sure i'm hitting the gym and getting the results that he taught me how to get.

    Thanks Matt! You really are the best!!

    Renee Fennell, Client

  • Thanks to the excellent training and advice from Matt from Quality Bodies, my life is on track and I feel amazing. Thanks Quality Bodies for changing my life.

    Kacey Reid, Client

  • Oh my god. Where to start. I love this guy and without him I would never of pushed myself.

    Kellee Ralph, Client

  • "When I first started training with Matt Paul at Quality Bodies, I was not confident about going to the gym and very anxious about training. I am a type 1 diabetic and physical training has always been a challenge. Matt's experience and attitude towards training totally changed that. He helped me not only with the training at the gym, but also my outlook towards training and what nutrition would benefit me most to achieve my goals. Now I love going to the gym and a good weight session does not scare me at all. Quality Bodies is really the total package to achieve optimum health and fitness. Thanks Matt!

    Ben Bakkers, Client


  • Boxing for Fitness
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Muscle Gain
  • Rehabilitation
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Weight Loss and Toning


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Tony Twitchett

Soup is perfect when the weather gets a bit chilly, especially when it has a bit of a kick to it. This delicate soup recipe combines some of our favourite ingredients to create a delectable bean broth infused with asian spices and crab. Invite some friends round and enjoy!


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Hi everyone! My name is Matt - Getting you on the right track to achieve your goals to lead a healthier lifestyle is what I set out to achieve!
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