Image source: Heidi Thornton

Embrace the Barbecue

Heidi Thornton

Barbecuing can be one of the healthiest cooking options out there. And isn’t that what we all want, especially at this time of the year when parties and indulgences are a lot more frequent than usual? 

By choosing lean cuts of meat, loading up on beautiful summer vegetables, using a little spray oil and creating scrumptious, light side-salads, you’ve got yourself one healthy, delicious and fun meal. Hello freshness, hello Summer!



  • "Before training with Michael I felt out of place in a new gym.
    Michael has exposed me to a new way of eating and exercising and now I feel confident in the gym and very happy within myself.
    I have built a professional and friendly relationship with Michael and share a mutual respect with him. I'm very happy".

    'Eve', Harridge Fitness Client


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