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The power of positive thinking or is it just hype?

Craig Jervis

I’ve been a coach and an international speaker for over 12 years, working with individuals and organisations, and the one question I come across majority of the time from most people is – how do I change my thinking or my thoughts?

I’ve studied a lot of speakers, lecturers, psychologists and personal development material, basically anything I could get my hands on over the past 12 years, and nearly every piece of material or literature I’ve come across has always said, "Think Positive and Positive things will happen". That’s right, just think positive and everything will be alright. I remember the start of my personal development journey and I was a very negative individual with a terrible mindset and attitude.

I remember reading one of my first books – The Power of Positive Thinking – written by Norman Vincent Peale. What an amazing book and something that definitely changed my life, though here is my issue: The Power of Positive Thinking isn’t as easy as it sounds and in some ways it’s very misleading and defeats a lot of people before they have even tried.



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    'Eve', Harridge Fitness Client


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