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Image source: Adelphi Lab Center

The Run Down on Running

Ritchie Gibson

If you want to improve your running, take a good look at your current style and compare it to the text book style. By developing subtle changes such as your arms working like pistons, sticking your nose up in the air, and all of a sudden you're not running through sludge anymore, and your run timings are improving dramatically.  Whether it be short, medium, or long distance running, marathon or sprints, it all comes down to posture.

Throughout the community many lower limb injuries occur because people don't now how to run. Yet another misconception throughout the physical training industry is people telling you that running is a natural thing, well it isn't, you have to learn.   Because the art of running can be so complex I will start at the bottom and work my way up. Improving your running technique and also hopefully reducing your run times.


About me

I am an enthusiastic fitness professional who is dedicated in helping members of our community achieve their health and fitness goals.