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Image source: Ruxor

Navel Gazing: Tummy toning tricks from Mind-Body Movement

Elise Watts

As the seasons turn, interest in abdominal workouts escalates. Already, my clients are requesting workouts stacked towards bearing their midriff and the weather has only just started to show signs of warming up! With such a diverse range of information available on tummy toning, most of it fast-tracked to suit our lifestyle and limited time, we can place unrealistic pressure on our bodies to be beach ready. This pressure can lead us to skim over the finer details of abdominal training, leaving us with ineffectual exercises and exposed to potential back-pain and muscular complaints. Yet, after many years of being ‘core- obsessed’, are we any wiser when it comes to the coveted six-pack? I’m sure we’d like to think so, but incase you’ve missed the wave, here are some key tips towards creating your desired waistline that are not only effective, but also most importantly, promoting safety and spine-health.