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Image source: noshit-mag

The 10 Commandments of General Nutrition

Ben Van Leeuwen

Today we look at a guest article from renowned fitness coach from the United States, Nick Tummenelo.

It’s simple and to the point and if you follow these recommendations 80% of the time, you will get results!

It’s no secret that good training and good nutrition go hand in hand. As the saying goes  “you can’t out train a poor diet”. 

Like fitness training, nutrition is a tool we can all use to improve our health, performance and physical appearance.

Also, like training, you need to master some basic, nutrition fundamentals before you move on to utilising the more specialised things like eating specifically for fat loss or for gaining muscle mass. 

“The 10 Commandments of General Nutrition” are 10 things, which I feel EVERYONE must do to create a good foundation of nutritional habits, regardless of who you are or what you’re training for.