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    Week 12 Week 12

    After carefully massing over a period of months, Steve then successfully cut to reveal all his hard work - just in time for summer!

  • Week 1 Week 1
    Week 24 Week 24

    The most important change over this period was Stacy's attitude and growth in self confidence. So proud of her accomplishments!



  • Kristy introduced me to fitness as something enjoyable and rewarding. Over the couple of years of her training me she showed me I was capable of so much more than I realised and helped me develop a positive and loving relationship with my body. Our sessions were always something I looked forward to and something I very much miss now. Townsville should consider themselves lucky!

    Raveena Toor, PurposeFit PT Client

  • Over the last couple of years, I have done a lot of training with Kristy in group classes but mostly in one-on-one Sessions.
    Kristy has proven herself to be a knowledgeable and highly effective trainer. She has been excellent at tailoring programs to my specific needs as well as tailoring her training style to mine. She is an excellent motivator and takes her role very seriously. She brings both a great attitude and excellent technical knowledge to her sessions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kristy to anyone looking to maximize their training.

    Andrew Fedoruk, PurposeFit PT Client

  • I started training with Kristy in May 2015 and last week when other women commented on how good I was looking I knew it had been the best move for me! I am a person who hated exercise and struggled to stay motivated for longer than a couple of months. Now I love going to the gym and just when I nail an exercise Kristy challenges me with something new. I'm loving it! And the benefits have been amazing to my health, body and mind.
    All I can say is it's an amazing journey that keeps getting better.
    Thanks Kristy!

    Stacy Oerder, PurposeFit PT Client

  • Kristy has helped me better target my training and has showed me what a real work out is all about! I had been doing gym work on my own for quite some time, but decided to see her to try and push myself and get more out of my own work outs, and boy did she do that!

    Stephanie Gigliotti, PurposeFit PT Client

  • I trained with Kristy twice a week for just over two years until she moved to Townsville - and I loved it! She pushed me - hard! Every session was different and every session introduced me to something new and challenging, which kept up the interest and motivation. She is personally inspiring and self-disciplined, and is genuinely driven to succeed in a career involving fitness. I cannot commend her more highly - no matter your skill level, age, or personal fitness - and if she ever comes back to Canberra I want back in!! Good luck Kristy.

    Caroline Whitelum, PurposeFit PT Client


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Dreams with Deadlines

Kristy Samal

Guys, Guys, Guys!!!! (and yes I'm using that in the sense of men AND women - don't go all politically correct on me! I'm about to gush!)  I LOVE my job. I really do! And do you know why? Because I get to be there, right alongside you when you reach those goals and experience that amazing feeling of achievement and pride! Ohmygoodness it's the best! And I've been extra lucky this week because I've been able to witness and enjoy not just one, but TWO of my beautiful clients' goals being realised.


About me

Kristy is a highly motivated coach with over 10 years experience in the sport and fitness industry. From weight loss to weightlifting, conditioning to core and bootcamps to boxing, Kristy's training is the perfect mix of discipline, innovation, skill and technique.

Kristy's commitment and sincere interest in your goals makes her a highly valued and successful coach. Sessions with Kristy are about working with you to find and enjoy a balance where fitness can be integrated into every day in a way that is purpose fit to your own personal goals, needs and lifestyle.