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Image source: khatawat

Looking at your shadow - pilates therapy to soothe body, mind and soul

Elise Watts

‘What! Must I hold a candle to my shames?’ – Shakespeare

People are creatures of habit. We move through life repeating patterns learnt in childhood, oblivious to their affect. It is difficult to locate the source of our deepest conditioning until we scrutinise our earliest experiences. Psychological disciplines utilise review techniques to bring unconscious patterns to our conscious attention for emotional healing and transformation.  A process of reflection that requires great courage; being at times confrontational and at others, beautifully liberating. Attending a pilates session is like ‘psychotherapy’ of the physical. The body’s trained, often obsolete movement patterns are microscoped and new movement pathways replace the old for a more harmonious state of being. It requires the same courage and patience to review the patterns of the body that we’ve carried since infancy. From the way we walk and stand, to the way we breathe, Pilates redefines our physical state to one of efficiency and ease. Despite the great benefits of the pilates ‘perestroika,’ the path to efficent, effective movement is not always easy.