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General Anxiety Disorder

Lifestyle Trainers

Sometimes when we are not feeling ourselves, maybe a little flat and confused, we think we have one of the common disorders like depression or anxiety. However many people do not actually know what the key symptoms are. To assist with a preliminary diagnosis on the latter, here is a checklist provided by beyondblue.

For SIX MONTHS or more on more days than not, have you

  • felt very worried 
  • found it hard to stop worrying
  • found that your anxiety made it difficult for you to do everyday activities (e.g. work, study, seeing friends and family)?

If you answered 'YES' to ALL of these questions, have you also experienced THREE or more of the following? 

  • felt restless or on edge 
  • felt easily tired 
  • had difficulty concentrating 
  • felt irritable 
  • had muscle pain (e.g. sore jaw or back) 
  • had trouble sleeping (e.g. difficulty falling or staying asleep or restless sleep)? 

If you answered 'YES' it is important to see a doctor

We would also love to get your thoughts on this type of diagnosis.

About me

Hi im Kelly and a Personal Trainer for Genesis Thuringowa. . My love of helping people live a healthy life will help us get your goals achieved. Being a mum i have the understanding of how hard it can be to get to the gym and take care of ourselves. i take an holistic approach looking at the whole picture and help you gain the confidence and knowledge to attain your goals. I will provide you with an individual program and nutritional advice specifically for your needs .