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hi my passion is fitness and my main focus is on getting results '
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Are you connected?

Dr Anthony Golle

Today we have access to more information than ever thanks to the Internet. But to have access and connect to this expanse of information, you first need a few things, namely – a computer and an Internet service provider. Then of course your computer needs to be turned ON and you have to be connected to the Internet.

This is a great metaphor for how our bodies function.  The major premise of chiropractic is that there is a Universal Intelligence that gives to all matter its properties and actions, thereby maintaining it in existence.  In other words there is order to the planet and an unlimited potential of intelligence – similar to the World Wide Web.


Before & after

  • reg  before 12 week challenge reg before 12 week challenge
    reg after 12 week ynb challenge reg after 12 week ynb challenge

    lost 12 kilos and 35 cm


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  • Metabolic Precision
  • training with injuries
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