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Education before judgement

Jacqui Louder

One of the most common things we all share is the desire not to be judged without understanding, or an opportunity to educate and explain things to those around us. Yet everyday we all make assumptions without necessarily understanding the potential pitfalls of these assumptions. For example, many of us assume the overweight person cannot control their food consumption, rather than thinking they may have a medical condition dependent on medications that have a side effect of weight gain or leave the person so fatigued they cannot exercise. We assume when we see someone crying they are upset, that a lack of skill means someone isn’t trying, that success means winning, and ignorance means unintelligence.


Before & after

  • reg  before 12 week challenge reg before 12 week challenge
    reg after 12 week ynb challenge reg after 12 week ynb challenge

    lost 12 kilos and 35 cm


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  • Metabolic Precision
  • training with injuries
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