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  • The most passionate and knowledgeable fitness coach I have ever come across!! Jayden really cares about his clients and goes out of his way 100% of the time to ensure that you are on track and achieving above and beyond your goals. I honestly wouldn’t recommend anyone else! 6 stars!!!

    Saffron, Client

  • If your looking for expert advice from a great bloke then Jayden's your man!

    Ben, Friend

  • Very knowledgeable and will help you achieve your physical goals through training and diet. Highly recommend Jayden for all experience levels.

    Jeremy, Client

  • One of the best trainers around with a wealth of knowledge and passion for learning. Highly recommend Jayden

    Chris, Friend

  • Jayden is just the best! Very focused and professional on his business and as a trainer. Easy going and funny as well

    Swetlana, Client


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Celebrate the Process - Recognise the Effort

Jacqui Louder

The achievements of Cadel Evans have inspired the nation and been applauded by so many as a fitting result after 20 years of work. Obviously such achievements do not come along because you decide one day you want to be the best, they get achieved because you acted on the desire and maintained an unwavering dedication to the process required to give yourself the best chance of success. So amongst all the pride we feel for his win, a greater pride should be taken in his journey and maintained commitment after coming so close previously. Very few would have questioned him for coming 2nd and resting with that amazing achievement had he decided to end his journey there a couple of years ago.

However, as the Olympics are now exactly one year away there are many other young athletes striving for their goals that will go publicly unrecognised as the games come and go. We will support anyone in the green and gold, but our tendency to recognise achievement appears to be granted upon the production of medals and ‘’winning’’ performances.


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About me

Finishing year 12 Jayden then began his cert 3 and 4 in fitness at TAFE. Completing the course a year later Jayden secured a job in the PT industry and has now been a qualified personal trainer for the last 7 years. Having competed in 5 natural bodybuilding shows from the age of 18-23 Jayden has a strong knowledge base on nutrition and how to manipulate the body to bring about its peak physical aesthetics. Continuing to expand his knowledge Jayden is in the process of finishing his last year studying Exercise and Sports Science then moving on to complete his masters in strength and conditioning. Jayden strives to improve his skills as a coach everyday and this is evident from his experience as an intern in which he completes with the Perth Glory A league as well as completing a semester abroad in Germany to further increase his knowledge. He has a true passion for the fitness industry and helping clients achieve their goals. He does this by opting to read science based information from books and research papers throughout the week whilst keeping an open mind in the industry. His hobbies including training, reading, learning and music!

If you want a science based approach to training and someone with the practical experience then Jayden is your guy.