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About me

With a true passion for fitness and health, my aim is to make a positive impact on others lives. I promise to educate and motivate you to help achieve your targets, no matter your fitness levels or age.

Whether it be general fitness, targeted weight loss, cardio training, toning or strength and conditioning, I have the knowledge and will assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

So if you are looking for a fun and positive atmosphere to work on the results you want, please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can get started and begin your fitness journey!



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Why combat sports?

Jarrod Boyle

As a personal trainer, I often find myself engaged in conversations with people who are shocked when they see my fighting showreel. 

"You seem like such a nice person!" they say. "Doesn’t it hurt? What makes you want to hit someone else in the face? I can’t imagine it!"

It's best to answer these questions with further demonstration. Rarely are people convinced through verbal explanation, but once they have experienced something for themselves, they rarely doubt it. Personally, I’m not someone who is fit as a function of conscience. Happily, I am fit as a side-effect of doing something I enjoy. And this is the key to effective personal training; you need to hold a person’s attention while you sort through the various activities on offer until you find the one that engages their imagination.