In the Spotlight: Jarrod Boyle

Jarrod Boyle

This week we sat down with local kickboxing superstar Jarrod Boyle. We get up close and personal to learn about how he started in the martial arts, why he turned to kickboxing after karate, and what makes him tick when he is not training to fight in the Victorian heavyweight division.

How did you get started in the martial arts?

I was inspired when I first saw The Karate Kid. I think it's a great version of the master myth of the martial arts; Daniel-san is a cocky, smart-alec kid who wants to learn self-defence, and he ends up on an odyssey into himself. Fighting teaches you what you're really made of. And the truth for anyone who has ever fought is that if you have the courage to get right down through all that pain, you are exactly what you make up your mind to be, whether you win or lose. 


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