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How martial arts can improve your weight training

Jarrod Boyle

Weight training has traditionally been undertaken as a kind of body-building activity; if someone, generally a man, wants to get ‘big’, or ‘buff’, he turns to the weights. Recent years have seen a revolution in the way people use weights for fitness, most dramatically as a result of Crossfit. This is an appropriate shift, given that weight training, properly applied, can address every aspect of your fitness.

One of the most attractive things about martial arts, and kickboxing as a means of exercise, is that it addresses so many aspects of being fit. Strength, speed, co-ordination and suppleness can all be augmented by specific kinds of weight-training. If all this is beginning to sound a little too much the province of elite athletes, it doesn’t have to be. A consultation with a knowledgeable personal trainer should be able to sort you out with a six-to-eight week program to help you get more out of your body