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  • Body-building competitor transformation

  • Body-building competitor transformation


  • When i first joined genesis many moons ago i was a whooping 121kgs, bad health, no energy and generalyl feeling crap about myself. Slowly over a number of years a got down to about 82kgs, which was great for me, however in the past 18 months to 2 years i had crept back up to 101kgs (in Jan 2012). I decided i needed to get this extra weight off and get back to feeling good about myself and stop the up and down yo yoing.

    Thanks to the support of THE WORLD BEST TRAINER, Jo !!!! i joined the 12 week MP body transformation programme. I now wake up with more peep in my step, i feel cleaner, i look better, my fitness levels have increased, i have my confidence back - i have resigned from a job i wasn't happy in and now have a job which is earning me more money with less hours, which i can't wait to start. My doctor cant believe the difference in my health, i was due to have amedical procedure done in the next 6 weeks however, it has now been postpone by my specialist, due to my improved health and weight loss. This has been a mind changing experience for me, and my husband is extremely happy, that he has a wife who is happy and healthy with a lot more energy.

    Deb Gundry, friend and long term client


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The key to great casseroles and soups

James Vardis

I’m finding these days more people are enjoying cooking and know how to do a few things really well but don’t really know why you are supposed to follow a process, or they may not understand what would happen if you changed an ingredient.

These are skills you will learn along the way but until you know, you need to stick to the recipes and ask as many questions as you can.
People often ask me, what’s the key to a great soup or casserole? It’s very simple.


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About me

My passions are weight training and natural bodybuilding. I have competed in natural bodybuilding for 12 years and have won ANB National title in Women's Over 35 Physique.
Training should be about good technique - without good technique you won't achieve the body of your dreams.

Bragging rights: Trained the winner of 12 week Body-for-Life Challenge - Rob (pictured below) and trained Metabolic Precision Body Transformation winner 2012 Deb (pictured left) also 12 week challenge.