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Burpee This, Burpee That...

Ben Van Leeuwen

The burpee - developed by renowned Eastern Bloc gymnastics coach Vladimir Burpee - has long struck fear in the hearts of all those who have heard the cry “drop down and give me 20”, only to rise back up feeling the pain and getting ready to run to the bathroom with a mouth full of last night’s dinner.

The burpee can be performed anywhere and at any time making it the go-to exercise for sadistic trainers the world over.

Now before I go any further, I must confess, I do tell a lie. As far as my knowledge goes there is no Vladimir Burpee and I do not know how this simple and effective exercise got such a strange name.


About me

Hi my name is Josh, I’m the big tall guy with the beard and I am going to be YOUR Personal Trainer while you’re here with me at Genesis Fitness Windsor.
Most of my life I have been involved in competitive sport right here in Brisbane. I’m a highly energetic and active person and always looking for new ways to challenge myself both physically and mentally. I have represented South East Queensland in AFL and was an integral member of a premiership AFL team. Recently I represented Queensland at the National Tug-Of-War championships.
I spent six years with the Australian Army which inspired me to pursue a career in fitness. My military background has bought a high level of discipline and mental strength to my workouts. My workouts are hard, persistent and straight to the point but I will make every effort to ensure you achieve your fitness goals and enjoy (almost) every moment of your workout with me.
I will work one-on-one with you to help transform your life and improve your performance in your chosen sport, field of work, or everyday life through training. I incorporate strength and conditioning, working on fundamental and compound movement patterns into my programs that are specific to your needs and WILL help you reach your ultimate fitness goals.
I will support you, I will encourage you and I will push you though your personalised training program to optimize the results that you want to achieve.