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Are you feeling a little dim?

Dr Anthony Golle

I don't mean in the IQ sense, but more specifically - 'dim' as in the light that runs your body. "What light?" you may ask. I'm not getting all romantic or esoteric on you – its basic anatomy and physiology. Picture your brain as the power generator of your entire body. It gives life to all the other parts - your heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, muscles, hormones… in fact there isn't a single system or function in your body that isn't regulated by your brain. How does the brain get those messages to the 100 trillion cells that make up your body? Through an elaborate bundle of wiring not unlike electrical cabling called your nervous system.

That is why I call the brain and nervous system the ‘master control system’.  It literally carries electro chemical impulses through the body just like light.  Just like a light bulb that gets dim if it is not getting its full power supply, the cells, tissues and organs of your body may not be ‘glowing’ at their full capacity.