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Image source: lululemon atletica

Bring sexy back this summer with these wonderful Spine Strengthening exercises

Elise Watts

The back is such an intricate enmeshment of muscle, ligament, sinew and joint, important for posture, function and support. Yet, what if we forget just for a minute about its importance to our upright healthy existence and unabashedly consider its aesthetics.

You know, hotness, Shallow, skin-deep, sensual sensibilities. Good ol’ ‘physical attraction, chemical reaction’ kinda thingy. Justin sang it to us in 2006  - no, not ‘Bieber,’ the old skool ‘Timberlake’ variety! He brought it back, and demanded we bring it back too. 

The time is nigh, reader, for the unveiling of your ultimate, corporeal masterpiece. Okay, I know, it’s superbly superficial of me, but just come a little bit closer, let me tell you straight: why, gorgeous reader, you really do have such a sexy back!


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