• Corrective Exercise
  • Functional Movement
  • Post Rehabilitation
  • Posture Correction and Alingment
  • Pre and Post Natal
  • Sports Conditioning Skiing, Cycling


Rural Health Education Foundation

Lifestyle Trainers

Unlike those of us who live in metro areas, rural residents are not fortunate enough to have access to the same level of facilities and resources.

However they do have options, such as the programs made available by the Rural Health Education Foundation.

"Originally established in 1992, the Rural Health Education Foundation is a not-for profit organisation which works to improve the health and well-being of rural and remote Australians."

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About me

Train smart not just hard!
Having worked over years in the Fitness Industry and over 13 as a Professional Dancer around the world, my sessions combine functional movement, flexibility and strength to let your body move freely and in a balanced way.