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Master's Degree In Physical Edu/Body Science/Human Movements, Bachelor of Gymnastics, Rehabilitation, Pilates, Functional Training, Pre-Post Pregnancy and Surgery, Injury management, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain and Toning, Sports Spec Training.
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Burpee This, Burpee That...

Ben Van Leeuwen

The burpee - developed by renowned Eastern Bloc gymnastics coach Vladimir Burpee - has long struck fear in the hearts of all those who have heard the cry “drop down and give me 20”, only to rise back up feeling the pain and getting ready to run to the bathroom with a mouth full of last night’s dinner.

The burpee can be performed anywhere and at any time making it the go-to exercise for sadistic trainers the world over.

Now before I go any further, I must confess, I do tell a lie. As far as my knowledge goes there is no Vladimir Burpee and I do not know how this simple and effective exercise got such a strange name.



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