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Hi! I'm Daniel Yates and I work as a Personal Trainer at Genesis Windsor and help everyday people just like yourself achieve their goals!
Last YNB challenge my Weight loss clients lost an average of 10kg each and included both a first and second place winner!


  • "Dan's sessions are fun, but challenging and are different every week. He really knows his stuff and his enthusiasm and professional approach have motivated me to achieve much more than I ever thought I could"

    Lou, client and YNB 1st place winner


  • Body Building
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  • Fat Loss
  • Group Training
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The Kettlebell Clean Part 2

Emily Friedel

Starting the clean from the top down

One of the easiest ways to start learning the kettlebell clean, or correcting poor clean form, is to work on releasing the kettlebell from rack into the backswing.  This drill is helpful for a few reasons:

  • This is the easier phase of the clean so is the best one to start working on while your build skill
  • It will help you get the feeling of returning to a swing movement after letting go of the kettlebell and catching it – this is often quite difficult to begin with because the natural reaction is to hold onto the handle tightly throughout the movement or to catch it in a dead hang
  • It will help you set up everything required to bring the kettlebell back up, such as the finger lock, angle of the handle on the backswing etc

To do this drill simply use both hands to get the kettlebell into the correct rack position, then let the kettlebell roll off your body into a swing. 

You can do a couple of swings, then use both hands to bring the bell back up to rack and repeat.

Be careful to avoid the following:

  • Having any tension in the arm or wrist when catching the kettlebell after releasing it from rack (doing this repeatedly can lead to problems like tendonitis)
  • Dropping the kettlebell down and catching it in a dead hang with a crushing grip
  • Pushing the kettlebell away from your body – you want to keep it as close to your body as possible for maximum efficiency

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