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I am passionate about your fitness solution - Your personal fitness goals, your personal circumstances, and your well being!

I am a mother of two, and in my mid thirty's, having lived a full and exciting life I have experienced all of life's ups and downs, with an appreciation of the commitment it takes to dedicate your time to fitness.

I pride myself on honestly and integrity and am crazy passionate about what your goals are, and you achieving them... I will walk the path with you, and by your side every step of the way.


  • "Having tried 3 other trainers in the past, I have never been happier than i am training with Deb! She is so motivating and really knows her stuff! Her passion for fitness is incredible and i always leave the gym feeling sore but great after training with her".

    Tori Maggs, Client

  • "Fantastic woman who will make your fitness goal a reality. Extremely motivating and encouraging every step of the way. Deb shares an incredible passion for health and fitness which will undeniably rubs off on you.untill you feel the same!

    Vicki Freedman, Client

  • "I love my sessions with Deb, amazing, lovely, inspiring, understanding, tough, rewarding, and I actually enjoy seeing what my mind and body can do"

    Jo Paynter, Client

  • "An awesome person who has a passion to help people to reach their goals. She is a great motivator and even more importantly she will believe in you"!!

    Kristy Taukiri, Client



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The 'exercise-the-blues-away' phenomenon: is exercise the answer for mental health?

Elise Watts

The plethora of “exercise-is-the-answer-for-mental-health” articles that are emerging lately have me concerned. Given my livelihood straddles both mental health and mind-body exercise, contradiction of this seems personally counter-productive; I only hope this makes my point of view noteworthy. Personally, the ubiqitous notion that exercise conquers negative affects (such as anxiety or depressive states) based upon rather limited research, echoes the ‘let-them-eat-prozac’ dogma of the eighties we are only now starting to see past. Society bears a history of being less comfortable with mental illness than physical illness. Sweeping, quick-fix solutions are often given in place of genuine consideration, to make the ‘uncomfortable’ problems associated with mental health disappear. I worry that the ‘exercise-away-the-blues’ phenomenon is being applied too hastily for many, without real issues being addressed. Are we heaping too many expectations upon the shoulders of the fitness industry? Whilst exercise has undoubted benefits for those experiencing depression or anxiety, this broad statement can be misinterpreted, and may unwittingly mask issues that lead to further dependencies, rather than empowerment and healing.


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  • Weight loss results! clean balanced nutrition training hard 2 X per wk with myself, and structured personalized programming for 3 days/wk

  • Natural Butt lift!!! More rounded and perkier Glutes.... Every girls dream... Achieved by heavy lifts and ZERO cardio!


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