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Hi,my name is Dave and i am an adrenaline junky who loves a challenge.I am a very outgoing/down to earth guy who tries to enjoy life to its fullest.i was a competitive/paid footballer for 10yrs and have been powerlifting for over 3years competitively and was ranked 7th in Australia in 2015.
I believe that hard work, a positive mindset and persistence is what you need to achieve most things in life.
I invest myself in achieving overall health and well-being for my clients with the management of stress,sleep,food intolerance and a balanced training regime to combat the pressures of work,being a parent,past eating habits,digestion and general life.
Not only can i help you achieve your goals but i can make you feel younger,look younger and move better through a range of corrective techniques.
Let me help you and contact me for more details and a free initial consultation.


semi-private training(small group)

The small group training is a cheaper alternative to 1 on 1 training and is customized based around the groups main goals and needs.The group trains together and works as a team (max of 6 people) so you have like minded people that will support and encourage you through your sessions and journey.

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  • David was my personal trainer for 4 months and he helped me a lot to achieve my goals. He kept me motivated and since him leaving Sunshine Coast I've been going to the gym on my own regularly because of him. Thanks x

    Jordan Davy, Client

  • Very approachable PT that practices what he preaches. Gives 100% attention and focus to his clients and gets results!

    Ryan Charles, Club Manager

  • Dave was my PT on the Sunny Coast. He always listened and motivated me to achieve my goals. Friendly and puts clients first. Nice one! ?

    Erin Mclerie, Client

  • I trained with Dave for about 4 months before he moved to Melbourne and was amazed at the great foundation he gave me in such a short time. Very well organized and carefully prepared workouts- I can't recommend Dave enough for any level of training.

    Molly Murnane, Client


  • Body Transformation
  • Functional Training
  • Group Training
  • Older Adults Training
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss and Toning


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Sick and tired of your kids being sick and tired?

Dr Anthony Golle

As a father to two little boys, I know what a precious gift children are. As a chiropractor, I also see how precious their health is.

Every day in our centre I see newborns, toddlers and children of all ages as their parents understand the importance of nurturing a healthy spine. Chiropractors such as myself and all over the world, see a surprisingly wide variety of health problems in children such as reflux, colic, asthma, growing pains, ADHD and other behavioural conditions, ear infections, bed wetting, digestive and sleeping problems to name a few.