About me

Hi,my name is Dave and i am an adrenaline junky who loves a challenge.I am a very outgoing/down to earth guy who tries to enjoy life to its fullest.i was a competitive/paid footballer for 10yrs and have been powerlifting for over 3years competitively and was ranked 7th in Australia in 2015.
I believe that hard work, a positive mindset and persistence is what you need to achieve most things in life.
I invest myself in achieving overall health and well-being for my clients with the management of stress,sleep,food intolerance and a balanced training regime to combat the pressures of work,being a parent,past eating habits,digestion and general life.
Not only can i help you achieve your goals but i can make you feel younger,look younger and move better through a range of corrective techniques.
Let me help you and contact me for more details and a free initial consultation.



  • David was my personal trainer for 4 months and he helped me a lot to achieve my goals. He kept me motivated and since him leaving Sunshine Coast I've been going to the gym on my own regularly because of him. Thanks x

    Jordan Davy, Client

  • Very approachable PT that practices what he preaches. Gives 100% attention and focus to his clients and gets results!

    Ryan Charles, Club Manager

  • Dave was my PT on the Sunny Coast. He always listened and motivated me to achieve my goals. Friendly and puts clients first. Nice one! ?

    Erin Mclerie, Client

  • I trained with Dave for about 4 months before he moved to Melbourne and was amazed at the great foundation he gave me in such a short time. Very well organized and carefully prepared workouts- I can't recommend Dave enough for any level of training.

    Molly Murnane, Client


  • Body Transformation
  • Functional Training
  • Group Training
  • Older Adults Training
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss and Toning


Image source: mindfulness

Mindful movement: pilates and yoga techniques to de-stress

Elise Watts

Many are seeking the quality of mindfulness in their exercise routine after years of disconnection from their bodies. Having experienced injury or a casual physical regime, a caring, meaningful approach to bring health into their bodies and life is being sought. A change is in the air, and that change is towards a mindful state that they are finding within pilates and yoga. Mindfulness has been described by Bhante Gunaranta as ‘the quality of mind that notices and recognizes’ and Thich Nhat Hahn, Master Zen Monk, describes it as ‘the energy of meditation.’ Becoming mindful is to focus the mind on the present, an ability that is especially valuable, as all we ever have is the present moment.  Pilates, yoga and many other forms of mindful movements, combine healthy exercise with breathing and meditative movement that lower stress levels and soothe the soul. They encourage participants to forget the outside world for a moment and look within for meaning and peace. The wonderful thing about mindfulness and movement, particularly through yoga and pilates is that the only prerequisite one needs to be mindful is to breathe and focus inwardly.