• David Mummery has been my personal trainer for approximately four years. When I commenced training with him I was still 10 kg from my goal weight ( having lost 10 kg through my own efforts) and was looking to develop strength and muscle tone. Consistent training with David, including nutritional advice and additional cardio work, has resulted in my losing an extra 15 kg and developing the kind of strength I'd never achieved before. I can squat 85kg and can perform twelve chin ups unassisted. This has completely exceeded my expectations, with friends and family saying that I am transformed. I haven't felt this fit and healthy since I was a teenager and I now have the energy levels to match. David's training has helped me heal a challenging glut med injury and allowed me to take my own body weight on a broken wrist that doctors said I would never gain full use of. David's work has caused me to re-define what I thought was possible in terms of my physical fitness and well being. The results he has achieved with me are nothing short of astounding. I'd recommend his services to anyone looking for great results from their training.

    Jen Plant, Personal Training Client


  • Functional Fitness
  • Having fun!
  • Tough spin classes
  • Walking Groups


Image source: Ms. Phoenix

Does Colour Heal? How body and brain respond to colour and the natural therapies that have known it all along.

Elise Watts

How do you feel when you see the colours red, or yellow or blue? You are likely to report a different response to each colour, even at a physical level. Colour has been used for years for healing by many cultures, including ancient Egypt, Babylonia and China. Experiments have been done to show that colour frequencies may emit different heats and stimulate healing in different cells in your body. In 1890, Noble Prize winner, Dr. Neils Finsen, used infrared light to heal skin lesions from small pox.

Modern medicine utilizes coloured lasers and phototherapy in the treatment of conditions as diverse as psoriasis, diabetic eye disease, to heart re-vascularisation and seasonal defective disorder., so science is now beginning to verify the healing impact that colour and light have on us. This all sounds wonderful, but you may be asking yourself, how it is possible that even thinking about colour could be healing you.


About me

I'm a Personal Trainer located at Genesis Lonsdale Street. My speciality is making people feel better about themselves through making them more confident with their bodies.
My client base has increased purely based on referrals and physical proof of how good my clients start to look.
I won't shout at you but I will coax you into achieving more than you thought you could do. It's all mind over matter.