• Thanks for, yet again, such a beatiful session! I have decided that you are my favourite trainer. Focused, inpirational, determined and simply lovely !!
    Keep up the briliant work !

    Neha Haribhai,


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When does dieting become dangerous?

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From ABC Health:

We live in a society where not only is food plentiful, but we're encouraged by advertising to eat and enjoy it. No wonder a third of us are overweight.

Yet at the same time we're bombarded with images of an 'ideal' but impossibly thin body shapes. So we're anxious about our weight and how much we eat. This anxiety manifests as a strong desire to control our weight and our appearance by dieting.

Most people who shed a few kilos end up putting it back on. Some keep trying; others give up and don't worry about it. But there's a percentage of people who become obsessed about it. Many are adolescent girls, but eating disorders can also occur in men and in adults. For these people, dieting becomes dysfunctional, even dangerous.