• Thanks for, yet again, such a beatiful session! I have decided that you are my favourite trainer. Focused, inpirational, determined and simply lovely !!
    Keep up the briliant work !

    Neha Haribhai,


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Food Labelling...Don't Be Fooled

Mark Bunn

Are you one of the millions of people who every day get frustrated/confused/misled, by manufacturers and their food labelling? I heard on the news this week, that many of our biggest brand names, were found to be guilty of misleading consumers like you about the realities of what is actually in their products. What a shock…

Who would ever have guessed!!! Despite labels like’ low-fat’,’ Low GI’ etc, the items in question actually had more kilojoules than a big Mac or a glass of full strength beer. Not what you want for yourself or your kids. So today, I thought we’d have a quick ‘Dummies Guide’ to reading food labels, so you can hopefully avoid marketing tricks and choose the foods that are genuinely healthy for you and your kids etc.