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Damon Bates encourages everyone to pursue Free Human Potential. As a young and passionate Exercise Professional, Damon drives to building a client base where he can help people in the Health and Fitness field; empowering his clients with the correct skills, support, guidance and resources to lead a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically. Through a path of continual learning you'll expect to achieve big fitness goals as well as an improved quality of life. If leading a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle is on the to do list then please don't hesitate to contact Damon today!


  • Body Transformation
  • Core Training
  • Endurance Training
  • Fat Loss
  • Functional Training
  • Strength Training



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Do you have the 'Yeah But...' Syndrome?

Jacqui Louder

“That’s great James, you did really well”

James: “Yeah but... I didn’t win”

Human beings seem to find it easier, and more natural, to see the negative side of most things, including ourselves. I have a rule with all athletes and general clients alike, that if you receive a compliment you must say thank you. Compliments are the giver’s opinion, not the receiver’s opinion, so when you respond with nothing or a disagreement of that opinion it’s rude and basically telling the other person their opinion is not worth anything or you don’t value it enough to accept it.