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Kettlebell jerk technique tips from Ivan Denisov

Emily Friedel

In April I attended a kettlebell training camp with Valery Fedorenko and Ivan Denisov.  I learnt some fantastic tips from these lifters, both of whom have set incredible records and are among the greatest kettlebell lifters of all time. Denisov is the absolute world record holder for 32kg jerks, a title that is borne of a great deal of hard work and painstaking efforts to perfect technique.  Watching Denisov lifting is truly incredible, and he does what all great athletes do – he makes it look easy.

Denisov 32kg Jerks 5 mins 106 reps

I put together a short video on the things I learnt from Denisov for the people I coach online, but thought it was worth sharing as anyone who does kettlebell jerk (for whatever reason, whether it be for heavy lifting or for high rep work). These small tweaks in technique can make a huge difference and are invaluable for those who really want to nail the kettlebell jerk.