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Damon Bates encourages everyone to pursue Free Human Potential. As a young and passionate Exercise Professional, Damon drives to building a client base where he can help people in the Health and Fitness field; empowering his clients with the correct skills, support, guidance and resources to lead a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically. Through a path of continual learning you'll expect to achieve big fitness goals as well as an improved quality of life. If leading a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle is on the to do list then please don't hesitate to contact Damon today!


  • Body Transformation
  • Core Training
  • Endurance Training
  • Fat Loss
  • Functional Training
  • Strength Training



Image source: Emily Friedel

The Kettlebell Jerk Part 1

Emily Friedel

What is it good for?

The kettlebell jerk is an overhead, ballistic kettlebell lift that relies mostly on leg power and aims to use the arms as little as possible. This means that it is a very powerful lift and will allow you to perform more reps or get a heavier weight overhead than you can with the overhead press or push press. Due to its ballistic nature, with higher repetition work done at a decent pace the kettlebell jerk is very good for cardiorespiratory fitness.