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Image source: mimarsinan

10 tips when getting started at the gym

Corey Wolf

1. Start with the end in mind
Do you have a final goal? Set a specific and measureable target, and have a set time frame, for example, 'within five weeks I will drop three per cent body-fat and by six months I will be under 10 per cent.' With many of my clients, we write these down on a 'results contract' and we both sign it. Then I get my client to ask someone close to them to countersign the contract, further reinforcing personal responsibility. (you don’t need me to this and it really works)

2. Take photos
Before and after photos make a great motivational tool and let's be honest, men love seeing themselves looking leaner every month. By re-taking every four weeks you will see the changes as they happen. When I send over their monthly photos, this really motivates my clients and they always come to the session raring to get to the next level.