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The long road to nowhere

Michelle Gilmore

Beginning an exercise program is generally approached in a certain way: With enthusiasm, high hopes and a positive attitude.

Then the realisation kicks in. It’s hard work, it hurts, can be slightly embarrassing when you  aren't as nimble or co-ordinated as you were back in the day and it now seems like the whole process may take a bit more sacrifice and effort than you had originally realised.


YouTube videos

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    Deadlift technique-learning tool:)

About me

Exercise Science degree 2006 -RMIT.
Pro Cert positive psychology 2017- melb uni
VET trainer and assessor. 10 years exp in fitness industry. Exercise prescription and training sessions that are designed specifically to achieve desired body composition outcomes. Sessions are motivating, fun and varied, and will likely incorporate the use of equipment such as; boxing, kettlebells, and suspension training. This also means learning how to perform exercises and drills correctly -(Even perfectly:)) -My standard and guarantee:)