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The Most Important Health Insurance Policy

Dr Anthony Golle

We’ve all heard the saying touted, “your health is your greatest wealth”. But what does that really mean to you? What I know is that talk is cheap! If you want to know what someone really values, then follow their footsteps. What are their actions? How do they execute what they say?

Most people don’t value their health until... they don’t have it.  Consider this - without your health, what else suffers? That’s right - everything!

Having your spine adjusted is your health insurance policy. It ensures that your joints are still moving smoothly and freely and not decaying and arthritic when you are in your 70’s, ending up in a wheel chair or with a hip replacement. It ensures that your nervous system is controlling and coordinating your digestive system to absorb, assimilate and remove the toxicity from the remainder of the 3 tonnes of food you consume over a lifetime.


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