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  • After a few months out of gym (due to work and injuries) I wanted to get back into the fitness world and get fit again. From 2006-2011 I played WAFL for Subiaco Football club in Perth and was super fit and super strong but due to injuries I had to retire at the age of just 21. After football I couldn’t train and just wanted to give up due to feeling like a failure. I would attend the gym only once or twice a week because I didn’t want to push myself to risk injuring myself even more. 2015 I moved to Bundoora, thought I would try a new trainer and met and signed up with Aydin.

    We get along really well. Being the same age and having similar interests helped the friendship grow.
    We started with just the basic package and then I decided to continue training with him because within the first two weeks of training with Aydin I saw improvements and wanted to see how far I could go. We started together at a different gym and I have followed him to Genesis.

    He got it into my head that I can get back to my football fitness again and that’s what drives me every day. Aydin showed me that although I've had injuries I can push through and recover from them.

    I threw everything at him including ankle injuries, hamstring and back injuries and without any hesitation Aydin would change my program to suit.
    The support I get from Aydin throughout the week is incredible; he always makes sure I am okay after every session and makes sure the times of the sessions are suited around my life. He well goes above and beyond for not only myself but for all his clients.

    If any of my friends ask if they know a good personal trainer I always throw Aydin’s name into the mix because I believe he has the passion, strength and determination to help every client reach their goals and go further than they ever believed.
    Aydin is not only an amazing trainer but an amazing person to help you aim and beat your goals in the gym!
    Would 100% recommend him

    Damien, Current/on-going client

  • I have been training with Aydin since the beginning of 2015 to achieve my fitness goals and I couldn't be happier with how far I have come with his help. Aydin has been very supportive throughout our training from the very first consult to checking up on me after a big training session. The best thing about Aydin's approach is that he is always ready to change our plan for the session when I need a bit of extra motivation but also knows just how far to push me when I think I can't to ensure I am giving every session my 100% effort.
    I would strongly and confidently recommend Aydin as a personal training to anyone who is looking for a friendly, knowledgeable and supportive trainer!!

    Erika, Current/on-going client

  • Aydin helps me focus on my goal(s) when we are training and even out of the gym.
    He is always willing to help you push for better results and I always feel well trained.
    All-round top trainer!!

    Ryan, Current/on-going client

  • After moving from Shepparton to Bundoora earlier this year I wanted to get back into my fitness. I looked around and first went to Aydin's previous gym. First time meeting Aydin it was like I had nothing to worry about, turns out I did when I asked him to push me hard!
    The work out plans that he sets for you around your goals are incredible. He did everything and more.
    Aydin approached me and said he was moving to another gym at that time it didn't feel the same knowing that my PT was leaving. I tried to stay with that gym but it didn't feel the same. I wasn't enjoying it, wasn't going and just had no motivation.

    Even though he had moved locations, Aydin still kept in touch with me. Then I decided to take the long step and join Genesis Bundoora that Aydin now works at. I have found my motivation again. To be 100% truthful, if I didn't follow Aydin to Genesis I probably wouldn't even go to the gym anymore and I would just sit on the couch watching TV. He just makes every session fun and motivates you to the maximum, you certainly get what you pay for.

    If anyone needs a Personal Trainer I would recommend Aydin any day, he is just absolutely incredible with everything he does.

    Kevin, Current / On-going client


About me

Quote I live by:

"When you want something as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful!"

However, it's all about the right motivation! Let me explain...

Unlike some Personal Trainers who have trained all their lives or who have never gone through struggles, I can relate to the struggles of having to lose weight and get fit!

While I have been involved in sport all my life, and have refereed basketball for 11 years, now at high levels, I was once overweight and needed to turn my life around.

I was doing shift work in a stressful job and I ate a lot of the wrong foods and drank frequently. I decided to turn my life around and lost 20kgs of body fat, stopped the bad diets and now know exactly what my body needs for proper fuel.

It has become my aim to assist everyone looking for that change in their life! I am so passionate about the industry that I am currently back at University studying Health Sciences to better my knowledge to pass along to you.

So if you are looking for a Personal Trainer to help you through... I know exactly where you want to go and where you have been. I realise that it is a conscious decision to want to change your life and never forget this fact and can help you from a sympathetic background!

If you're ready...
If you're contemplating...
I'm ready to help you. Call or SMS 0422309812 or use the Contact Me option to discuss how we can change your life together.


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Are you a 21st century statistic?

Michelle Gilmore

From Health Angels:

Did you know that what we eat has a direct impact on energy levels, mood, disease risk and our quality of life?

Australia is now the fattest nation in the world, with more than 9 million adults classified as obese or overweight. Can you believe that 26 per cent of the adult population are considered obese, compared to 25 per cent of Americans? An additional 5 million Australians are considered overweight. 

So why is this happening to us?