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About me

My passion for health, fitness and strength has been a life long evolution. I was introduced to the weight lifting world by my father, who showed me the ropes from an early age, and I was inspired to embrace an active lifestyle ever since. I’ve seen and experienced the results that you can achieve through hard work, personal goal setting, determination, drive, and becoming educated in the field. I really want to share this passion for fitness with people who may need extra motivation, inspiration or education. I believe that once you include strength and fitness into your lifestyle you will never look back.

I have worked with many different people in varied stages of their fitness goals, both in Australia and New Zealand. My style of personal training caters for all body types, but my passion lies in strength and muscle building. I believe strength and stability is the core element in pursuing a healthy body, which in turn breeds a healthier mind. I have a range of skills and expertise, and look forward to implementing a variety of workout routines, based on my dedicated experience.

Personal training is a rewarding privilege that I feel blessed to be a part of. I consider myself to be friendly and very approachable, you will feel confident and comfortable knowing you are being looked after by someone who has your best interests at heart. A successful personal training relationship reflects positively on the both of us, so you will always receive my utmost attention and respect. Contact me and let’s discuss your fitness needs and goals, whether it is a short-term plan or long term maintenance. I’m here to stay and I can’t wait to contribute to your positive changes.

• National Certificate in Fitness (Exercise Consultant) (Level 3)
• Open Polytechnic Certificate in Fitness (Personal Training) (Level 4)
• Certificate IV in Fitness
National Baseball New Zealand:
• 2013 Under 13 Assistant Coach, Asia Pacific Tournament, Taiwan
• 2014 Under 15 Strength and Conditioni



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The importance of good people

Shane Heal

If you are a business owner in any industry you will understand the importance of having good people as part of your team. I have found that it’s not easy to always attract good people that are passionate about their jobs, that have goals of growing within the business and who take pride in the work they produce.

It seems like in general younger people that are entering the work force are more interested in how much they get paid, when their breaks are and how they can do the least amount of work possible before watching the clock and getting out of there. Obviously this isn’t always the case with everyone as we have also discovered some great young talent that separate themselves from others in the Gen Y era.